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Dallas Wedding Florist Advice; Tips From The Pros

"What are some of the more common mistakes that many couples don’t account for when planning for the flowers at their wedding?"

Petals & Stems Florist

As a florist, and a recent survivor of planning my own wedding, I can tell you that the benefits of the incorporation of floral arrangements into each element of your wedding are often underestimated. Couples are often focused on the bridal bouquet and altar pieces, and sometimes don’t consider the advantages of centerpieces and focal pieces for tables, stages, and entrances when it comes to the reception space. Having a backdrop of florals to compliment your venue adds romance and a sweet ambiance to your day that will reflect in the photographs that you and your family will look back on for years to come.

-Petals & Stems

The biggest thing I think is not listening to ideas from the florist for how to get them into budget.  I always tell my clients that sometimes we just need to be creative to keep the feel but not break the bank.  Coming in with a preset idea is great - but only if you can afford it.  A professional florist should be able to give you ideas and options that fit your budget (as long as your budget is realistic) while still following your overall vision and theme.

Choosing the florist only on price is a common mistake and I regularly get last minute calls to help save the wedding because the "florist" is not returning calls or their product does not look good or like the bride expects. You get what you pay for is very true in floral.

-Wild Rose Events & Floral Design

Wild Rose Events & Floral
billie ball & co Floral Design

There are several factors involved in creating a beautiful floral experience for your guests. My two biggest bits of advice are: rely more on a color palette and general style and mood when dreaming big for your wedding. Flowers are seasonal, and if your entire design hinges on a specific variety of Peony being available, that's just a recipe for disappointment and a lot of stress for your florist! Secondly, let your floral designer design. I'm an artist at heart, so when I'm super constrained by my client, it's not as much fun for both of us. My favorite weddings (and the ones I'll spend more of my own money on!) are the ones that say "we trust you, just do something beautiful.

-billie ball & co. Floral Design

One of the biggest mistakes I see brides and grooms make when planning florals for their wedding, is not knowing how much flowers cost and so not setting enough of their budget aside for the flowers initially. Unfortunately, flowers are just expensive, there really is not any way around it. There are flowers that can be stretched farther in a smaller budget, but if a bride is wanting the lush and full look or something very specific that is on the pricier end, it is just going to be more expensive. Flowers also are such a large part of wedding decor and they can really change the look and feel of a room. So not budgeting for enough florals can sometimes leave a room looking empty. Even if you are not a “flower person”, know that they are such an important part in stylizing your wedding.

-KatieBug Floral Design

KatieBug Floral Design
Photo Credit Lindsay Davenport Photography
Photo Credit Lindsay Davenport Photography

The #1 thing couples don't take into consideration is cost. Pinterest (as great as it is for inspiration), has given many brides a false sense of hope. They don't realize the photos they are seeing are either from a styled shoot, or a high end wedding, and therefore, don't budget appropriately.

I also see many couples waiting too long in the planning process to secure their florist. While we do not need to be the first vendor that is hired, 8-9 months out (or more) is ideal--especially if the wedding date is during the busy wedding season. I hate having to turn people down that wait until 2-3 months before their day to seek out a florist. Not only is it more stressful for the client, it also cuts down on the time I am able to get to truly know & understand the couple and their vision for their day.

Lastly, couples may think they can throw flowers together themselves--it's not that hard right? Those couples rarely take into consideration the concept of storage, professional delivery, and set up, which is just as important as the flowers themselves. And, spoiler alert: the flowers you buy at Sam's or the grocery store are not the same as your floral designer buys--hence the pricing difference.

In the end, I tell all potential clients: Hire someone you feel comfortable with as a person & trust them. Then, your wedding day will go off without a hitch (well, except the planned one!). 

-Platinum Petals

Couples tend to overlook attention to detail and adding hints of floral here and there. They miss the aisle décor, welcome sign, card box at the gift table, cocktail tables, bar (if you have one) and yes, even the restroom. Anywhere your guests are going to venture, there should be all these little details, even if it's just a sprig or two of flowers/ greenery. It really makes the entire wedding flow together. This is why it's key to go over everything with your floral designer and they will cover everything.

-Upsy Daisy Designs

Upsy Daisy Designs
Flowers of Las Colinas

Some of the most common things missed for the weddings are: Bout's for the groomsmen, ring bearer, and ushers, unfortunately these people get overlooked the most when brides are planning for the BIG day! Second most common thing people forget are the corsages and bout's for the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom. As well as, centerpieces for the guest table, seating chart table and the main entrance table. The finally thing that brides tend to over look is the set up agreement between the wedding planner and/or florist for the flowers, most brides assume this is part of the package however it is usually an additional cost.

-Flowers of Las Colinas

The biggest mistake I see couples make when it comes to planning flowers for their wedding is not setting a floral budget prior to meeting with potential florists. I love working with my clients to translate their design into something beautiful and accessible, but it can be difficult for me to guide a couple in the right direction if I don't know what they are comfortable with financially. There is nothing worse than getting a quote for twice what you are looking to spend! Additionally, I would never want to talk a couple down from a lush design of pricier flowers such as peonies and garden roses if it is something that they have properly budgeted for and envision for their big day. Also, don't be afraid to ask your florist if you can repurpose some of your floral from the wedding ceremony to the reception in order to save on cost. For example, bridesmaids bouquets are great when repurposed to a head table and mixed with elevated floral arrangements. Altar flowers can also be repurposed to frame a sweetheart table or cake. The bottom line is that planning flowers for a wedding is uncharted water for most couples, so make sure that you partner with a florist that you trust and feel comfortable communicating with in regards to your budget to ensure that you get the most value out of your floral.

-The Rogue Rose

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Sage Fine Flowers

One of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning their wedding is underestimating the need for well designed  floral arrangements to bring out the beauty of a venue.  It is so important to budget adequately for professionally done floral.   A couple can pick the perfect venue, choose an amazingly talented photographer, and have all the details in place, but the event will not be "dressed" until the flowers arrive.  It isn't until the flowers are set that the event venue comes alive with color and energy.  And the impact isn't  just limited to the day of the wedding; every time the Bride and Groom look at their photos, they will be reminded of the beauty and magic of their big day.

-Sage Fine Flowers

The most common mistake I come across with brides when it comes to their wedding florals is not understanding how much the floral aspect will transform the venue space! From a decor standpoint, floral design will be the main focal point and provides an opportunity to really wow your guests!

Whether the vision goal is cheery boho, a garden party, elegant ballroom or intimate romantic, the live element that floral brings to your wedding can dramatically change four blank walls to fit the bride's wedding vision!

 -Root + Bloom Floral Design

Root + Bloom Floral Design