Destination Dallas; Your Guide for Things to do in Dallas, Texas

So you’ve decided to take your next trip to Dallas, Texas or you’re just looking for some fun things to do in Dallas.

We at Dallas Party Ride created a list of 19 places to see and visit on your trip. We’ve included free things to do in Dallas, fun things to do by yourself, fun things for couples to do, some Dallas tourist attractions as well as cool and unique places to eat! Check out this list below and enjoy your visit in this beautiful city!

The Sixth Floor Museum


Fugitive Fitness


Dallas World Aquarium


Anger Room




Bishop Arts District


Frontiers of Flight Museum


Zero Gravity Thrill Park


Bowl & Barrel


Dallas Panic Room


Reunion Tower


Truck Yard


White Rock Paddle Co.


Adrian E. Flatt, Hand Collection


Grave Sites of Bonnie & Clyde


Cowboys Red River


Wild Bill’s Western Store


St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin


Canne Rosso


#1 The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

411 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75202 |

(Photo Credit: The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza)


Some gems in this article are known for their good food, mellow ambience, or for being pleasant to look at, however this first gem is one with historical significance. It is the Sixth Floor Museum of the Texas School Book Depository. Yes, the place where the infamous assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, fired the fatal shots that killed then president John F. Kennedy in 1963. The 6th floor is now a museum which was opened to the public in 1989, more than two decades later. This is very much a main Texas attraction in itself. It was made into the museum it is today in response to the influx of visitors wanting to learn more about the assassination of one of the most beloved presidents of our time. The museum doesn’t focus entirely on its tragic background though.  It also houses a lasting attraction commemorating the life, works and impact of JFK.

Being that the sixth floor of the book depository was the primary scene of the JFK assassination, a permanent exhibit with guided tours has been installed entitled, John F. Kennedy and the Memory of a Nation, which provides visitors a wider understanding of how everything took place on that fateful day. The museum showcases introductory curations of photos, news footage from the 1960’s and even short videos providing an insight into the major social movements of the 1960’s. It also contains sections focusing on JFK himself, his family, and the challenges faced by the administration. Artifacts from the shooting are also on display for the public to see. You will find the suit worn by homicide detective Jim Leavelle, the handcuffs used to detain Lee Harvey Oswald, the camera that Bob Jackson of the Dallas Times Herald used to photograph the shooting, and the hat worn by Jack Ruby to name a few. There is also a part of the museum which features two staged off areas recreated from crime scene photos. These are The Corner Window and The Corner Staircase where police found bullet shells and the gun used in the assassination. If you’re into CSI and all that detective jazz, then the next segment of the tour is one you’ll never want to miss. On display are investigative materials such as forensic and ballistic test reports, acoustical evidence, photographs, and even a scale model of the Dealey Plaza prepared by the FBI for the Warren Commission in 1964. Lastly, there is also a video pertaining to the legacy left behind by JFK in terms of his active engagement and support towards civil rights, space and technology, arts and culture, and volunteerism.

The museum also has a reading room, library, and a café when you want to just sit down and reflect or mourn about the tragedy that took down one of America’s most iconic leaders.

Outside the museum you can personally walk the area in which the assassination took place and even stand in the infamous grassy knoll. All while viewing the exact location of the President’s vehicle, marked with an “X” on the street. Make sure you also take a short walk over to the JFK monument in Dallas to complete your visit to this historic area.



#2 Fugitive Fitness

10500 Metric Dr, # 132, Dallas, TX |


Have you ever watched an episode of American Ninja Warrior and considered vaulting over your fence or back flipping from the wall? Well you’re in luck because Fugitive Fitness will help teach you how to do this, but in a safe way of course! It’s called parkour and it seems to be catching everyone’s attention. This is one of those fun things to do by yourself, with friends or on a date!

If you live in or are just visiting Dallas and want to learn a few tricks to go about “maneuvering” through your environment, Fugitive Fitness is where you should go! It’s the first and only gym in Dallas completely dedicated to mixing parkour and the rigorous physical conditioning of cross training. According to Fugitive Fitness, this creates the quintessence of functional movement. Now that’s one heck of an exercise if you really want to build upper body strength and increase control over your physical capabilities. They offer a wide range of classes on building strength and mobility as well as learning parkour. Confused on what parkour is? It consists of flips, scaling walls, safe landings, and even defense. Fugitive Fitness does what they do best in their open gym and even in the unpredictable outdoors. They teach you the skills to overcome any obstacle, whether physical or mental in nature. Just imagine what you could do in a few sessions or who you could become with discipline and continuous training!

Other than the classes, Fugitive Fitness also actively participates in competitions and creates events such as summer camps to increase awareness of the sport and the unlocking of one’s potential. With a convenient location with access to the LBJ Freeway and the Central Expressway, their respected professional instructors provide the best training in this extreme yet purposeful sport.

In case you’re wondering if they’re available for bookings on special occasions, the answer is yes! You can contact them for private instruction sessions, parties, field trips, lock-ins (like a parkour overnight party), team buildings and workshops for corporate events and training for sports teams.



#3 Dallas World Aquarium

1801 N Griffin St, Dallas, TX 75202 |


The next place to visit in Dallas is one those that would be great for your next family outing with the kids. Originally intended and used as a warehouse in 1924, The Dallas World Aquarium is now home to more than a thousand species of both land and aquatic creatures alike. Visitors wanting to witness the huge biodiversity should definitely make this a stop on their trip to Dallas. These exhibits were carefully planned and maintained in order to capture the likeness from which these species originated from.

Upon entering the premises of the Dallas World Aquarium (and even before your arrival at the ticket booth), you first get to go through the winding paths of the Wilds of Borneo which contain Australasian birds, fish and mammals. Another unique exhibit, the Mundo Maya, showcases plants and animals that were widespread in Mayan folklore. This section highlights a 400,000 gallon walk-through cenote that houses sharks, rays and even sea turtles from the Yucatan Peninsula. Next, but not strictly next in the itinerary, is the Orinoco Secrets of the River exhibit which is a seven-story wonder of uniquely coexisting fauna and flora. The only other place to witness such sites would be in an actual rainforest in another country. Once you get to the outdoor, South Africa exhibit, you’ll be delighted to see Black-Footed Penguins and Shoebill Storks greeting you all year round! During the summer season, this fertile area becomes home to reptiles and amphibians not found anywhere else in the world but Madagascar. Last but not least is the Aquarium gallery which features naturally projected coral reefs and kelp forest ecosystems. This part of the trip also includes a 200,000 gallon aquarium with a walk-through tunnel, home to hundreds of Indo-Pacific fishes swimming in groups and by themselves. The Dallas World Aquarium also has a lively interactive program of feedings and talks from 10:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon.

Before you think of them as just another ordinary bio-box to visit, they also take part in conserving several natural habitats that are now becoming more and more affected by human activities. Pretty cool!



#4 Anger Room

3014 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226 |


We all have that day when we just want to lash out and eliminate everything within our ‘blast radius’. Anyone and everyone is irritating us. Your boss was a jerk or your girlfriend just broke up with you and you just want to punch a wall! What is holding you back? Well, there are usually consequences for destroying your surroundings. Luckily for local residents and visitors alike, the Anger Room was invented to provide people an alternative for that yearning to vent. So instead of acting out in harmful ways, the Anger Room allows you to rent out a room you can completely destroy without getting into trouble. Let us explain!

The Anger Room has been operating since 2008, offering a non-judgmental environment where you can lash out at everything within the confines of a set room. Rooms come complete with full setups like an office, a kitchen or living area with all breakable items. Now, before we go any further, this should NOT be considered a therapy session and you should seek professional help for any demons you are facing.

How does Anger Room work you ask? Well, first you need to decide on how long you wish to go breaking stuff in any of their three stocked rooms. Once you have the ideal destroying room chosen, time to make a reservation. You are able to choose from three packages for three different time frames. The packages start out at $25 for five minutes of stress relief, $45 for 15 minutes, and $75 for 25 complete minutes of total demolition. They also offer special discounts every Tuesday through Saturday. One of their specials is $100 Tuesdays, where you and two others can enjoy 15 minutes of violence and only pay $100. But wait! It gets better because if you bring your own items to destroy, that special price goes down to only $90.  Free beer is also offered on Wednesdays whenever you buy a water bottle and any package option. Thursdays seem to be the best for all out destruction though. Get 50% off when you try out their total demolition living room package. Lastly, they offer a wine bottle for free if you come on a Saturday. Perfect for cooling down after releasing all that rage inside you! They offer group and corporate pricing too so give them a call for your next corporate outing. Might be a good way to have a team bonding experience.

Anger Room also offers to take all your unwanted stuff! Simply donate the items you no longer want. It’s a great way to get rid of unwanted furniture and possessions and maybe just help out someone who needs to vent!



#5 Bolsa

614 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208 |


Located in the historic building known as Settles Garage, just west of the Bishop Arts District, one finds Bolsa, a covered outdoor patio eatery that is majorly popular. They serve some of the best brunch in the city and we dare you to prove us wrong! We are talking things like white chocolate rum tile, iron skillet quiche, and even their famous brunch burger served with house made chips. For those of you fighting some major hunger, a Brunch Deluxe should be right up your alley. Imagine maple-bourbon glazed porkbelcy, two French toast cakes, two J&H sunny side up eggs and smoked fingerlings. YUM! Bolsa is also a longstanding supporter of local farms and ranches. They offer these exciting farm-to-table American dishes on a seasonal basis with everything guaranteed fresh and delicious. In fact, it’s so fresh at Bolsa that most of what they serve for dinner is subject to change based on local produce inventory.

As with the food, the drinks they serve are also almost entirely locally made as well. You really can’t get the freshness anywhere else which makes them genuinely North Oak Cliff both in taste and signature. Their local spirits consist of varied Rum, Gin, Bourbon, Rye and Scotch. If you’re looking to camp out for the evening, the weather shouldn’t be a worry as the cozy atmosphere and heated lamps make it a very cozy and inviting setup for drinking the night away. Also, did we mention they feature a different cocktail every month? Aside from the regular beverages on their menu, they periodically ask their Facebook fans what they desire in a drink. The bartenders then proceed to choose two from all those submitted and incorporate them into two different unique drinks. Every Wednesday they offer these cocktail concoctions for $5 each. We’re thinking Wednesday’s may soon become your new favorite day!

They also offer to cater for special occasions and even customize their menu to your tastes and needs. Bolsa offers everything you can imagine and more for a date night or for that afternoon specialty cocktail. If you are in the mood, swing on by and experience the Bolsa difference!



#6 Bishop Arts District

North Oak Cliff, Dallas


Have a whole day to spare to just stroll around and feel the local vibe of Dallas? Then head on over to the Bishop Arts District and enjoy the many services and goods the locals there have to offer! This friendly, tight-knit, neighborhood is home to over 60 independently owned shops containing almost anything you ever want under the sun. Even a whole day wouldn’t be enough time to see everything. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a tour shall we?

If you’re looking to shop for clothes and accessories, there’s a wide selection of boutiques that probably have exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for an outfit for the club or just something to wear around the house, the Bishop Arts District has what you need. It has shops like the Indigo 1745, Epiphany Boutique, Laughing Willow, and even Maria’s Closet for all of your clothing needs. Looking to buy some good old treats for your beloved pet? Then check out the Green Pet at N. Bishop Avenue. They offer an all-natural, eco-friendly selection of food and products for your cats and dogs. Now, if you’re the type who’s really into art and the appreciation of aesthetic creations, then visit the Ginger Fox Gallery. On display, they have original works of contemporary art including magical realism and hyper-realism. Pottery and other artworks are also showcased at this local gallery. A wide selection of art stores and shops of odd and ends are also found throughout the whole district. Check out M’antiques for classic tools and even unique furniture at W. Davis St.  If you happen to be looking for local art or handmade goods, walk up and down N. Bishop Avenue! There is even a bicycle shop that sells and services your ride (Oak Cliff Bicycle Company at N. Bishop Ave.).  For a greener ride around, check out another bike shop that sells electric bicycles for those who prefer “faster, easier, and greener transportation” (Small Planet E-Bikes at W. Davis St.).

When you get tired and hungry from all that walking or riding, there is never a shortage of food selections here! Whatever you are craving, whether that be sandwiches, pies, pizza, pasta or pastries, you can find all sorts of eateries and restaurants on virtually every corner. Wine, beers and other beverages can also be found in the many café’s and bars if you’re into just relaxing and enjoying an adult beverage.

Service shops abound in the whole district as well. Barber shops and salons for your hair or nails are particularly plenty.  If you’re into yoga, you could visit Sync Yoga at N. Bishop Ave. or go to Anytime Fitness to get that body of yours stretched and exercised.

As we’ve said, a whole day is NEVER enough to experience all the amazing qualities of the Bishop Arts District. Each and every place offers a unique, local flavor of beauty and wonder that’ll surely capture your sense of pleasure. The whole neighborhood is populated with independently-owned shops with varying opening and closing hours. Be sure to check their website for more info on how, what and when is best to visit this Dallas gem!



#7 Frontiers of Flight Museum

6911 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209 |


Ever since the beginning of time, man has looked up into the heavens and dreamed of getting close to the gods. After all this staring idly at the stars, this vastly unexplored territory has motivated mankind to create the wings that have allowed us to soar higher, faster and farther than ever thought possible.

In celebration of mankind’s continuously evolving flying achievements, the Frontiers of Flight Museum is just the place you wouldn’t want to miss visiting! Here you will witness over 30 aircraft and space vehicles, thousands of artifacts, and dozens of themed exhibits on the historic evolution of aviation. Coming here will cost you only $10 if you’re old enough to drink, $8 for our respectable seniors, $7 for youngsters, and free for children under three years old. It’s a perfect and fun activity for the whole family as well as those groups wanting to explore and understand more about modern flight. Parking shouldn’t be a problem either with plenty of spaces to choose from. Those with disabilities are even provided with wheelchairs to go along with their wheelchair-accessible restrooms too.

The galleries and exhibits inside showcase the earliest flight inventions all the way up to space flight. Such displays even include a full-size model of the 1903 Wright Flyer as made by the Wright brothers! Want to see what’s left of the Hindenburg blimp? Frontiers of Flight has you covered with their Lighter than Air gallery.  If you have an interest in history and enjoy learning about the world wars, they have loads of images, unique artifacts, and scale models of military aircraft used during World War I, World War II, and the Cold War.

The newest attraction accessible to the public is the Space Portal Odyssey Capsule which gives a 360-degree view of the heavens and uses Nightshade Simulation and Visualization Software. This software is used to help teach and explore things such as astronomy and Earth science. The 6-meter portable dome is basically a heavens-on-the-go planetarium system!

The museum also has a research library which houses thousands of materials and articles on aviation and space literature however the only way to get access to this place is by contacting their registrar for an appointment. They have event spaces too if you’re planning on having birthdays or conference meetings here. If you are even remotely interested in anything flight related, you should check out the Frontiers of Flight Museum.  It’s guaranteed to be a great time!



#8 Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park Dallas

11131 Malibu Dr, Dallas, TX 75229 |


Want a really thrilling and fun thing to do in Dallas? There’s a level of fun that’s just plain average and then there’s the kind of fun that literally takes your breath away! One of our Dallas gems really brings the excitement and it’s called Zero Gravity. They allow you to fall strapless from a 16-story tower or plunge you high into the sky only to let you fall even quicker. At the Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park, you get to experience a one-of-a-kind, adrenaline-rush type of trip that’ll surely keep you coming back for more.

Located near the Malibu Speed Zone at I-35E and Walnut Hill, they offer five different rides with one main goal, FUN!  Ever since they opened in 1992, they have kept a flawless record of zero liabilities keeping true to their three important values: fun, value and safety.

The first of their extreme activities is the Bungee Jump which is done from a large 7-story platform. They have a triple safety support system of high quality super-elastic bungee cords and nylon straps to keep you secure. A stuntman airbag is also installed on the ground to give you that sense of security in case anything should happen, feel confident you won’t be hurt! Another exciting ride is the Skycoaster. This ride is for up to 3 guests. They lift you up 110 feet into the air and when you’re ready to pull your own ripcord, you go skyrocketing at speeds of 60 mph! High quality aircraft cables and professional hang-gliding harnesses are used to support you. You can even check out their YouTube videos for the Skycoaster in action. If you want to experience Nothin’ but Net, as the name implies, you are not given any equipment at all. They lift you up to just below a 16-story tower. Before you could even scream an exhilarating shout, you are dropped to about 130 feet where a double safety net is ready to catch you. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

The newest of their attractions will literally send you out circling and screaming. Voted as one of the top things to do in Dallas-Fort Worth, the Skyscraper sends you out into the air at fast increasing speeds of up to 60 mph within seconds. By the time it reaches its maximum velocity, you and your companion get to feel the blast that’s even faster than a space shuttle taking off! Lastly, the Texas Blastoff will have you trembling once it’s over. It’s described as a giant slingshot for two. You are shot 150 feet into the air with a speed of 0 to 70 mph in just around 1 second! Once you fall, you don’t immediately drop like an apple from a tree. The four-bungee apparatus will send both of you out in a confused state of twists and turns. This attraction is not recommended for those with weak stomachs or anyone who happens to have weak joints, bones or bodies as a whole!

Before being allowed to enjoy these ecstatic rides, the management of Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park will check if you’re fit to go through. Other than being committed to your enjoyment, their dedication to your safety and well-being is their top priority.



#9 Bowl & Barrel

8084 Park Ln Ste 145, Dallas, TX 75231 |


Looking for a great place to hang out and engage in some bowling when in Dallas? Our next featured gem is located just inside the Shops at Park Lane. Open every day of the week, Bowl & Barrel opens at 11 in the morning until midnight Sundays through Thursdays. On the weekends, their hours extend until two in the morning. It’s the swankiest place to bowl in Dallas! They have 15 of the finest world-class bowling lanes which will make you feel like a pro. You’ll also love their full-service American tavern and their beer hall if you wish to grab a bite or drink while playing.

Up to eight individuals can play on a single lane which is the perfect bonding activity for the whole family or group of friends. The price for admission is very reasonable considering you get to knock down pins in a well maintained, upscale establishment. They charge by the half hour and it’s $15 Sunday through Thursdays and $25 on the weekends. If you don’t have your own bowling shoes, they will rent you a pair for $5.

Their food menu packs a wide variety of classic American favorites. They serve giant pretzels, burger sliders in a bag, pies, hotdogs, and even oysters if you and your friends opt to share a platter. They also have meatballs and salads if you have a craving for either of those. If you’re looking to satisfy a massive hunger, they have steaks, bacon burgers, sandwiches served with fries and more to keep you satisfied! Cocktails, wine, whiskey and beer may also be ordered when you feel like loosening up a bit. Bowl & Barrel also offers a 25% discount on food every day of the week for military personnel, firefighters, paramedics and law enforcement for their unwavering service to our great country! Awesome!

Events are also one of their specialties. From birthdays to corporate events, fundraisers, parties and even church group outings, they know how to give people a memorable and enjoyable time. Be sure to check out Bowl & Barrel If you need a family friendly activity or something perfect for you group or night out in Dallas!



#10 Dallas Panic Room

2001 W Irving Blvd, Irving, TX 75061 |


Are you confident with your problem-solving skills and logic? If you want to challenge yourself mentally, come and visit one of the most amazing places in Dallas; the Dallas Panic Room! Located on W. Irving Blvd. in Irving, Texas, they’re open Monday – Sunday from 10AM to 10PM.

You might be wondering why it’s called the Panic Room. Don’t worry! They’re not a haunted house of ghouls and zombies in every dark, sketchy corner. What they have are several rooms with a different challenge in each one. The goal of the challenge is to be able to solve the puzzle in the room within 60 minutes. If you and your company of brainiacs are successful, they’ll simply let you out. Fail and face impending doom. Just kidding! They encourage you to try again if at first you don’t succeed. Each room can accommodate 4-10 people, so invite your smart friends to better your chances of escaping!

What keeps people coming back is they change the challenges and clues in each room every 10-12 months. So, if within that time frame you still are not able to solve the current challenges, hopefully you’ll have better luck with the next ones. At present, they have three unique brainteasers: Phase III: Human Trials room, the Abandoned School room and Cabin Fever. Each one offering unique puzzles and games to keep you on your toes and condition the mind to think outside the box!

Hooked already? Check out the Dallas Panic Room for your next family get together or even corporate team building experience!



#11 Reunion Tower

300 Reunion Boulevard E, Dallas, TX 75207 |


This next featured gem is one of the more touristy places to visit in Dallas but it is still worth mentioning in this piece. Whether living in Dallas or visiting, this is one of those places you should definitely visit. Easily recognizable even from a distance due to its unique architectural design, Reunion Tower is the 15th tallest infrastructure in Dallas. It has been given many names over the years such as The Microphone, The Lollipop Tower, and The Ball Tower.

An architectural marvel in the heart of Reunion Blvd, this iconic building is 561 feet tall which is perfect for those wanting to get a panoramic view of Dallas and the rest of the Metroplex. Sitting atop four concrete shafts from the ground, the tower consists of three floors with circular floor plans. On these floors you may visit the GeO-Deck where you experience a 360 degree, panoramic view of the city and the rest of the metro area. Inside you’ll find several high-definition zoom cameras, interactive touch screens, telescopes, and an indoor/outdoor observation deck if you want to get a more live and vivid visual of the Big-D. They also give out free digital photos as a reminder of your stay with them.

Recently, they installed a new attraction called the Reunion Tower Constellation. It is a series of touch screen monitors along the inner wall of the GeO-Deck where you can leave your own permanent star! The Constellation allows each visitor to use the monitors to add their name and place of residence to a star and create an avatar. With every additional visit, you can add to your “star” creating your own constellation! Here’s your chance to leave your mark forever at Reunion Tower.

Want to get a bite to eat while taking in the amazing views of the city? Visit the Cloud Nine Café where they serve hot food during the weekends and a light food menu on the weekdays. For an even classier dining experience, you could stay at the 560-foot glowing ball landmark which houses Master Chef, Wolfgang Puck’s fine dining restaurant that specializes in modern Asian cuisine. There are also two restaurant bars to enjoy a cocktail while feeling like you’re on top of the world. One of the bars actually rotates, facing outwards, giving you a more pleasant view while sipping your glass of pinot with your friends.



#12 Truck Yard

 5624 Sears St, Dallas, TX 75206 |


Growing up is never easy. One moment you’re running around in the yard with no cares in the world, the next you’re stomped with all the problems of reality. Children always want to grow up so fast, while those of us who have grown weary over the years wish we could go back and become a kid again. Yet if you find the right kind of activity that gives you the legal capacity and childhood nostalgia, then living in the present moment wouldn’t be that bad at all. We think that’s the magic of Truck Yard here in Dallas. Located at Sears St. on Lower Greenville, it’s a must visit outdoor drinking experience when you come to the Big-D!

The set-up is a reimagined adult playground that even has its own treehouse serving cocktails and beers all day. Just think of your afterschool moments plus booze! Open from 11AM-Midnight every day, this top-rated, one-of-a-kind beer garden is always packed with people who just want to drink and have that good ole childhood atmosphere in their nostrils. There’s also live music Friday through Sunday to keep you entertained.

At Truck Yard, they serve their own blends of craft cocktails and draft beer. Wine on tap and some non-alcoholic beverages are also available at the bar. If you feel like grabbing a bite, feel free to order steak, chicken or a baby portobello. They give you the option to add grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, and even pickled jalapenos to go along with your choice of cheese to top it off. They have rotating food trucks serving lunch and dinner, so you can grab a bite from any of their menus as well! Featuring a different food truck every day, you have something different to choose from on every visit! Truck Yard was created not only for the adult playground concept but also to create a permanent space for food trucks. You can check out who will be there on a specific day by visiting their website. Definitely check out Truck Yard! It’s a really cool little place to hang out on any given day.



#13 White Rock Paddle Company

389 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, TX 75218 |


Up for some water paddling and a great view? Then this next Dallas gem will surely be a memorable experience during your stay. A great activity for families and groups of friends, enjoy the waters of White Rock Lake as you paddle into the sunset. Take in the lake’s natural beauty and stop along the shore for a picnic or rest.

The White Rock Paddle Company rents out kayaks for one or two individuals, life vests, and dry bags for storing items. They’re open every day at their E. Lawther Drive location. A sweet package deal is given out to frequent paddlers where it only costs $150 for 10 one-hour single kayak rentals and $200 for tandem kayaks or SUPs (stand-up paddleboards). Pets are allowed to be brought along as long as they won’t cause anyone serious trouble, including you of course! So bring your water dog and let them enjoy the beautiful day with their best friend!

During the summer, White Rock Paddle Company organizes a four-day Kids Kayak Camp where they teach youngsters the basics of kayaking and the value of nature. On the first day of camp, they introduce children to the importance of water and boating safety. There is also a fun and interactive discussion on wildlife identification and wildlife safety on the second day and a guided discussion on the importance of nature on another day. Registration comes with freebies and membership with the American Canoe Association. Your kids are sure to have an amazing experience as well as learn some valuable take home lessons.



#14 Adrian E. Flatt, M.D., Hand Collection at Baylor University Medical Center

3500 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX 75246


When it comes to finding weird activities that will either make you cringe or awaken something in you, there is never a shortage of such places in Dallas. One of the offbeat attractions in Dallas are the many pairs of hands and paws displayed at the Baylor University Medical Center on Gaston Avenue. They’re not real hands though so don’t worry! These are bronze castings made by renowned English orthopedic surgeon Dr. Adrian Flatt.

Ever since Dr. Flatt started his career, he was fascinated by the different characteristics of the hands of people from different walks of life. He was probably entranced as to how each hand differs in size and shape depending on the profession of one person for instance. His training as a surgeon is what makes these hand models a perfect art and replica of the many he studied and worked on. Currently, there are about a hundred pairs on display inside the Baylor University Medical Center where Dr. Flatt is still working. His collection includes the bronze castings of Walt Disney’s hands, Dwight Eisenhower’s and even those of Dr. Seuss!

Due to its increasing popularity and peculiarity among Dr. Flatt’s peers and admirers, The American Society for Surgery of the Hand and the Robert A. Chase Library has compiled a series of videos and turned them into a virtual exhibit for those wanting to learn more about Dr. Adrian Flatt’s works. You can view the virtual exhibits online as well. It’s worth a peak. Definitely interesting!



#15 Grave Sites of Bonnie and Clyde

Crown Hill Memorial Park & Western Heights Cemetery


For another offbeat attraction here in Dallas, you can actually find the final resting places of two of the most acclaimed criminals in America of the early 20th century. You’ve probably heard of them before in films and books as the notorious couple who robbed and killed during the 1930s. The story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is forever etched in the memory of American history with the help of the contemporary media. For decades now, people have been coming to Dallas from all over the country to see the grave sites of these famous love-struck killers.

Contrary to what most people believe with regards to their intentions for doing so, Bonnie and Clyde never intended to attract fame or amass wealth. They simply wanted to exact vengeance on the Texas Prison System for the suffering that Clyde had endured during his time there. In order to carry out their goal, they robbed banks and grocery stores, including gas stations and small shops. This allowed them to acquire fire power and ammunition. Eventually, they were ambushed by law enforcement in 1934 which ended a short-lived lawless career of two years.

Although both of them were undoubtedly considered lovers, their bodies have been buried at two different cemeteries here in Dallas. Bonnie Parker’s grave can be found at the Crown Hill Memorial Park located at 9700 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX, with the inscription, “As the flowers are all made sweeter by the sunshine and the dew, so this old world is made brighter by the lives of folks like you”. Just to add to your think-tank, Bonnie took a liking to writing poems and taking photographs during her lifetime. Meanwhile, the grave of Clyde Barrow can be visited at the Western Heights Cemetery located at 1617 Fort Worth Ave., Dallas, TX.



#16 Cowboys Red River

10310 Technology Blvd W, Dallas, TX 75220 |


The next featured gem to make this list is one we consider to be a true Dallas experience. Home of the wildest and biggest honky tonk party in the city, Cowboys Red River is the best place to dance and drink like a cowboy. With their motto “Where The Most Beautiful Women in Texas Come To Dance,” it’s definitely the place to be for your night on the town! Located right at Technology Boulevard near the W Northwest Highway, this bar is the biggest one you’ll find where people go boot scootin’ all night long. Don’t worry, you don’t need to come all prepared and practiced when it comes to shakings those hips. They offer dance lessons Wednesday – Friday and it’s always FREE! I guess there’s no excuse there right? Plus, the dance floor is huge so you won’t feel embarrassed if you miss a step or have gone totally off the beat. They mainly play country tunes but do play other music to shake it up a bit.

Open Wednesday – Saturday from 7PM-2AM, Cowboys Red River is a great place to be, especially if you’re from out of town and want to have memorable night in Dallas. There’s usually a line at the entrance but you don’t have to wait long to get in. Or if it’s totally jam-packed, we promise you it’s going to be worth the wait! There’s a small cover and the drinks aren’t too expensive either. It’s Ladies’ Night every Thursday which means cover is FREE (who doesn’t like free?) for those cowgirls.

There’s also a mechanical bull if you feel like wearing that hat and riding like Sherwood Cryer would. You’ll be sure to find your inner rodeo rider once you start riding and grabbing on for dear life. You think this might be easy, but it’s not! Most people usually fall or get thrown off within a few seconds – which is actually fun to watch! Or maybe you’re a pro and can show all those how to do it right!



#17 Wild Bill’s Western Store

311 N Market St, Dallas, TX 75202 |


Coming in to Dallas, you’ll find that people have embraced the rough yet gentle nature of the Old West. You’ll hear it in their songs, watch it in films, and understand more as you converse with people all over the town. Heck, you’ll even see people rolling up cattle and riding horses in Fort Worth just to relive the old glory days past. To top it all off, there will always be that signature hat and those pair of boots that makes cowboys, well, cowboys! So, if you want to have a slice of that pie and be all Texan when you visit, then Wild Bill’s Western Store is where you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

For over half a century, Bill and his family have been running this store of quality handmade goods consisting of boots, hats, buckles, belts, jackets and all things cowboy! Their shop is located in one of the oldest red brick buildings in the West End Historic District, still with its original wooden beams and ceiling since its construction in the 1800’s. The shop also has its own bar and bar stools giving it that old rustic saloon feel when you enter.

The selection at Wild Bills Western Store is huge. You could easily spend hours if you wanted, just to find that perfect pair of boots and hat. Of course, they have an amazing staff who would definitely help narrow your search and find the right fit for you if you’re having a hard time. If you’ve finally decided on a hat and realized it doesn’t fit you, worry not for they have a trained hat steamer who will perfectly shape and customize it just for you. After which, you could sit by the fireplace and admire their selection of carefully crafted boots and get fitted for your own pair.

Wild Bill’s Western Store is not a chain. You can only find it in the heart Dallas so stop on by on your next visit to Dallas and see the amazing selection of styles for yourself!



#18 St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin

2730 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226 |


A true Dallas landmark, St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin is perhaps one of the best local restaurants in the city. Located in historic Deep Ellum, it has that cozy, beside-the-sea atmosphere coupled with a friendly, welcoming vibe from the patrons who frequent the place. According to the owner, Pete Zotos, it’s the place where “everybody knows your name”, especially since locals come here most of the time to watch games and to simply get together for the evening.

For almost twenty years now, Pete has always been the nighty host as he welcomes faces new and old as if they were coming home. He believes what his father and uncle taught him on the graciousness and kindness that a good host should offer to anyone who comes in his abode (or in this case, his restaurant!). We think Pete is bringing out his Texan and showing folks hospitality isn’t dead!

Their menu is well loved as they have a variety to choose from when it comes to appetizers, grills, sea food, salad, pasta, craft pizzas and burgers. Don’t forget desserts either! Probably the most famous dish here is the marinated and grilled “dancing” tuna steak which is definitely a must try when you come to dine. Locals even refer to it as being in a class of its own. When it comes to drinks, you’ll be pleased to know they feature a full bar which serves refreshing cocktails, over 50 brands of bottled beers, and 15 more on tap. They also have a selection of premium wine if that’s what your palette’s craving for.

Everything in this place is what Pete proudly calls, “honest”. From its menu of American classics to the hardwood floors and wooden bars that hold the place together, people come here from all walks of life knowing they’ll have a wonderful time. Whether it’s the place, the food or the company, St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin is truly a Dallas gem to discover and revisit again and again.



#19 Cane Rosso

2612 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75226 |


Now this is a pizza place you absolutely need to try on your next trip to Dallas. They have 5 locations around Dallas, Houston and Austin. Since this is a gems piece of Dallas only locations, we are going to focus on the Dallas location in Deep Ellum.

Cane Rosso got its start when a big time executive, Jay Jerrier, visited Italy in 1995. The pizza he had there was some of the best he had ever tried and the idea got into his head there was a need in the states for authentic, Neopolitan pizza. Jay was so serious about this venture that he trained with the Master Pizzaiolos with the Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). With a wood burning stove, in 2011, Cane Rosso is the only pizza joint in the metroplex to serve 100% authentic Neopolitan pizza. If you haven’t been there yet, head on over for a slice today!

It was surprising to us that they deliver and they do at all their locations! With names like Honey Bastard, Special K, and Funghi, you really can’t go wrong with any pizza selection. Honey Bastard for example is one of the best things we’ve ever tried. Housemade mozzarella, hot soppressata, bacon marmalade, habanero honey, and basil. Hello delicious! The prices are very good for such authentic pizza. Cane Rosso has a ton of other stuff to choose from too including appetizers, sandwiches, pastas and desserts. Their online menu is one of the best with high resolution photos of the pizzas and their other offerings.

Cane Rosso does things like nobody else does and it shows in what they offer. Perhaps the single most differentiating aspect of this pizza place is the fact that they make their pizza according to STRICT standards set forth from the AVPN, named above. This means the pizza you will be getting was made EXACTLY like the pizza you can get in Italy. So save yourself an expensive flight and just drive over to Cane Rosso and get yourself some of this hugely popular pizza!