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Dallas Wedding Caterer Advice: Direct From The Pros

It’s your BIG DAY! Don’t leave anything to chance. We at Dallas Party Ride asked some of the top wedding caterers in Dallas their advice to ensuring your reception is one to remember!


“The food at the reception is one of the most memorable parts of a wedding.

What are some tips you give your couples to ensure this part of their big day goes off without a hitch?”



Cocktail reception is the pre-party of your wedding. I always advise the bride and groom to serve their guests with a variety of unique and tasty hor d’oeuvres. This will enable your guests to enjoy your wedding before dinner is served. People eat with their eyes. If you don’t take care of them during the cocktail reception, they will grab more food for dinner because they are hungry and everything looks good to them. At the end of the night your food and money is sitting on the table wasted.

FS Creative Catering


Ordering the right quantity, and the right variety, of food to suit your guests is of utmost importance, followed closely by highlighting any dietary concerns and don’t forget to include yourselves in the count along with any back of house meals required (for example the band, photographers etc.)

 –Two Sisters Catering


When I am working with a young couple I try to explain to them that all caterers have good food.  And if they don’t they will not  last very long.  When planning a menu they must taste samples from all of the caterers they consider and make their choice on the taste of the food, the price and how they relate to the caterer.  They are entrusting the very important part of their wedding to the caterer and they MUST feel comfortable that the caterer will make the food experience a most memorable part of a most memorable day.

Don’t try to second guess the guest list.

Make the menu simple.

Make it recognizable.

And make sure that the caterer will have plenty of it.

Amazing Caterers


Be accommodating, but not too accommodating.  While we all want to please our guests, remember that it is not always possible to please everyone.  In the end, it is your special day, don’t go crazy focusing on what everyone else might want, create a menu based on food you and your significant other love and want to be a part of your day.

Beyond The Box Weddings


When planning this special day, the food you serve is one of the biggest experiences as expenditures of the day. Efficient planning will help make this part as stress free as possible. When talking to your caterer, make sure to express what is most important to you about the food you serve at your wedding and how you want it serve. If you are aware of any allergies or special diets, it is best to disclose this at the first consultation as this may affect your budget. The most important thing to remember is to keep open communication with your caterer from before signing of the contract (which should definitely be signed by both parties) up until clean up. 

Rinez Catering


Don’t skimp on the food. One of the top 10 wedding guest complaints is inedible food or a lack thereof. Your guests are hungry and some have traveled many miles to attend your wedding. Why not WOW them with a carving station? This is not only a crowd-pleaser but it’s also used for portion control. I once heard a horror story about another caterer running out of food and he had to order pizza to feed the rest of the guests. YIKES!!!

And don’t be afraid to go with a buffet regardless of wedding size. The DJ can dismiss the tables by table number and the seated guests can be served salad or appetizers while they wait. Fewer servers are needed for buffets but buffets also require larger quantities of food since people tend to eat more when they serve themselves. Your guests will love having many choices and will pile their plates up high like it’s Thanksgiving. An experienced caterer knows how to avoid being that “Pizza guy”.

Patriotic Pig BBQ


When people go on a date, most of the time it revolves around a restaurant and the mood they want to set for the evening. When people travel, they research the local restaurants and plan around the experience they want to have while being at that location. It’s no different for a wedding! The food selection is just as important as the attire, the flowers and the decor. It’s part of the mood that they want to give their closest family and friends. A lot goes into wedding planning and picking a caterer that makes it easy on the bride and groom is very important.


Be specific what kind of tone you want to set for your guests from the beginning. The caterer should be able to help guide the bride and groom whether they have chosen a formal, casual or romantic wedding. Ask about signature dishes that have gone over well at other events and if there are any special dietary needs, let them know in advance so they can include these items when they put together your personalized menu.

Know your caterer’s experience level with events the size of your wedding.  Heather Ward-Perez and Romer Perez have a combined 45 years in the industry and both look forward to helping couples plan their perfect day! Quality and volume are never an issue.

Apollonia’s Italian Kitchen


Start with something not on the menu; Passion!

Find someone with the reputation of having the passion to give their best both in planning and executing . Forget the 5 star rating and seek the 10 star referral from a credible friend.

Sonny Bryan’s Catering


Whether you envision a small and intimate gathering, or a grand and traditional affair, work with your caterer to ensure that your wedding is a personal reflection of your own tastes and customs. Passionate and experienced caterers specialize in creating custom-designed dining experiences. They know how to listen to you, understand your ideas, and translate them into a grand experience that will delight you and your guests. If a caterer doesn’t seem to try and bring your vision to life, find one that does! Our team works side by side with couples during the creation of their custom menu all the way through their big day to alleviate any stress, allowing the couple to radiate in the limelight and ensure that their guests will relish each moment of this special day.

Wolfgang Puck Catering


Keep it simple…your guest are there to be a part of a special day, where you and your now spouse are one. When ordering food for your event, order food that YOU like and want. Don’t worry about what the guest want, this is YOUR special day. Its a celebration of YOU. The more complicated the menu, the bigger chances that the catering company can encounter problems. So…keep it simple.

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