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Your Guide On Knowing How Much Is Party Bus In Dallas Vs. The Cost Of Getting DUI

Even though renting a limousine from a party bus company in Dallas may be expensive, it comes with some special perks that cannot be found in other transport options.

And you will truly understand that difference when your party bus or limo stalls right at the beginning and then you have to use your mom’s car to pick your friends up. Yes, limousines are a little pricey to rent, but in this case, the benefit outweighs the expense.

When you see a limousine approaching, you may think it’s a celebrity inside. But have you ever thought of renting a limousine to take you around on a night that you are drinking?

Read on to find out why that may be a much better idea to rent and know the cost of a reputable party bus and limo service rental in Dallas than driving yourself under the influence:

Standard Prices

A standard six-person limousine starts around $65 -$100 an hour. The rate can increase to $100 -$300 per hour for newer, more popular, or more unusual vehicles such as a Rolls Royce, Escalade, or a stretch Hummer seating up to 30 passengers.

Rates can change for more popular areas, during peak times, or during big weekends such as high school prom month. Furthermore, many companies have package prices for specific types of events.

A wedding package may include a “Just Married” sign, flowers and balloons. A prom or other event might have a red carpet.

For an exclusive limousine service between 4 and 8 hours, you can expect to pay at least $400 -$600 for a 6-8 passenger limousine, and possibly $800 -$1,800 or more depending on the type of vehicle, perks, and luxury options such as a minibar, leather interior or video screen.

Alternate Cost

The alternative to finding appropriate transportation for your night out such as a limousine might be a ride with the police – and a driving-under-the-influence conviction on your record. Even if there were no injuries, the bail, fees, fines, and insurance costs will typically be in the thousands of dollars.

Stiff penalties are intended to discourage the dangerous behavior of drinking and driving. Fines vary among states, but most are hundreds of dollars, some over $1000. Your car gets towed. Your insurance rates will be doubled or even more.

Some companies may even drop you the moment you’re arrested. A new company will often assess your records for three to five years, during which time you’ll need to have no further violations.

Legal fees from the attorney will range from $250 for a simple guilty plea, to a few thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars for representation to contest the criminal charge.

Alcohol evaluation, education, and treatment are often required on conviction before your license is returned – then there is a fee even for that a leg bracelet that may be part of your sentence. The cost can be well over $1000.

In short, even the most expensive night of limousine service is much more than the cheapest DUI.

Living the Life

Possibly the best part is that once you choose a limousine as the way to get to the next club or home for the night, you will be enjoying your night out in the utmost of style.

Many limo services provide an assortment of beverages for you or at least allow you to consume your own. There is no danger involved, as you are not behind the wheel.