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Need a Party Bus for Your Children’s Party?

We’ll Connect You with the Best One in Dallas.

  • We have the best deals on party buses and limos in the Dallas metro
  • Our large fleet selection can handle any of your kid’s party needs
  • We tailor our services to any children’s celebration imaginable
  • Passenger safety always comes first. Our drivers are completely prompt

Dallas Party Ride is your go-to resource for party bus and limousine services in the Dallas metro. To book a ride, contact us today at (214)945-0983 or fill out the form.

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We Have the Best Party Bus and Limo Deals in the Dallas Metro

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Dallas Party Ride Kid’s Parties!

  • Dallas Party Ride is dedicated to providing you and your friends the perfect party bus for Dallas kids parties. Our variety of party buses and limos can accommodate any size of party you want. We can accommodate from 10 passengers to 40 passengers with ease and comfort.

Kid’s Parties With Dallas Party Ride


While growing up, your kids need lots of fun with their friends and one of the best ways for them to get that is organizing a party for them or let them attend one. At Dallas party rides, we have the best party bus and limousines to make it a memorable event for your kids.

Our party buses are designed to allow your kids hold a party at your house but not in your house. The buses are perfect for a game session by the boys while the girls can also have tons of fun while inside our bus.

If your kids are attending a party, then you can make them look like celebrities that day by going to the birthday in a limousine. Your kids will have the chance to feel like celebrities for that day. Dallas party ride has limousines that will make your kids feel comfortable, happy and will be in the mood to have fun all day long.

Our drivers are highly qualified and humorous to keep your kids entertained all the way. If the kids’ party is to hold at a public venue, then you have nothing to worry about. We know all the centers that will make the party fun and fruitful for your kids.

Our buses are designed to make your kids feel comfortable all day long. The bumps in the road will have no effect on them as the chairs are high and comfortable enough to make it a smooth ride. As the parent, if you are interested in getting in on the act, then we are always ready to accommodate you. You can sit in the back, relax and enjoy as your kids have fun.

Some of the best parties are those that are simple such as a Glow in the Dark Party. The kids in our party bus will have the perfect dark scene to make their faces glow. This party idea is ageless and kids will enjoy it, especially as it will be done while they are on the road around tow.

To organize a glamping party, you will need the perfect venue. Dallas party ride is there to show you around the best spots in the city while also ensuring that your kids have fun. They will certainly thank you for the wonderful party experience. Our party bus is there to ensure that your kids have a blast.

The party could get much better if the kids are treated to a carnival (if one is available). The carnival kids party usually features classic games such as paper plate ring toss and bean bag throw.

A Cowgirl-Chic Birthday Party is the kind of party that would get your kid excited while the scavenger hunt party will definitely thrill them. We can take them around the town as they scavenge and look for the treasures in hidden locations. They will have fun while scavenging and have more while riding in style and comfort.

Get in touch with us today and book your party bus or limousine.

Why Choose Dallas Party Ride?

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Complete Party Solution

We provide everything you need to make your party a memorable one. All you have to do is bring your friends.

Any Event Imaginable

We have a variety of party buses and limos in our fleet. Our team can help tailor the perfect party bus and extras to meet your needs–big or small.

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Always Arrive Home Safe

Why risk getting pulled over and going to jail for a DUI? It’s not worth it. We’ll get you home safe and sound from your night on the town.